Terry, Colleen, Rylan, and Blair

Sunday was sunny and chilly! Had a great time shooting with this beautiful family. With two little ones, there was a lot of energy so we kept things moving right along. Loved getting to hang out with this sweet family. I have been combing through the images and couldn't wipe the grin off my face because there are so many cute ones. Their sunny smiles would make any holiday season bright. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

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Alexa and Ben

The temperatures in Missouri finally feel like Fall...they match the rich hues of the leaves..it is delightfully chilly! On a perfect Friday afternoon, I followed the personality rich Alexa and Ben on a fun adventure. I love doing shoots with kids (although Alexa is a young lady now!) because it is so fun when you can capture their unique personalities with a click. Ben had us cracking up because he had more fun posing when we were not expecting it (as we walked down the path!) than when we stopped at a pretty little place. :) They are sweet, funny, gregarious and they love the outdoors! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did capturing them. 

Aaron and Carrie, Michael and Paige

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting my friends' Fall adventure. We explored the trails, logs, creeks, and ended at some swings. Our October has been unseasonably warm but we still saw some beautiful rich colors in the trees.

Aaron and Carrie and their children Michael and Paige radiate beauty from the inside out. Carrie and I attended middle and high school together. She has been an encourager and strength to me many times over the years. So it was my honor to capture these moments for them.